Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school?

We are located at Eton Farm, 145 Summerfield Rd in Serpentine. The school site is situated on a portion of the farm; however, the whole 160 acres is available for the school to use.

Eton Farm is a working farm with Beef Cattle and Horse Agistment.

How big is the school?

We started the school in 2020 with 3 Primary and 12 part time students. Covid-19 was a shock to us all however didn’t have a large effect on our enrolments. We found that families were looking for more space for their children.

At the end of 2020 we had have increased to 5 full time and 27 part time students.
2021 has started with a consolidation of students with 8 Primary and 27 part time students.

2022 has started with an increase of numbers in all classes, now with Year 4’s.  Tutu’s (2yo) through to 9year olds is around 50 children.    We are excited about the growth and encourage families to contact us to enrol or put your child’s name on the waitlist for the future.

What years do you cover?

In 2021 we offer Pre-Kindy to Year 3.
In 2022 we will offer Pre-Kindy to Year 4.
In addition, we also offer Art & Music classes for Under 3’s and 2 year old’s ( Tutus’) each term.

Do you have mixed aged classes?

Our Primary years are currently mixed age and will probably remain that way over the next few years.

By 2025 we plan to have a Year 1-2 class; Year 3-4 class; and Year 5-6 as well as continuing Pre-Kindy and Kindy.

In what ways is your school different to others?

Students do not wear a uniform.

Primary students start the day with Music and also have other classes during the week.
Pre-Kindy and Kindy students have two sessions of Music and Art each week.

All students have Art classes with our Art teacher Trish in a designated indoor/outdoor space named after the Noongar word for Magpie – ‘Coolbardi’.

Play is an important part of our day. Structured and unstructured! Primary students get a ‘brain break’ outside when they full of knowledge and need a breath of fresh air!

On the farm there is a mud patch (in the Winter) which is yearned for, during the summer months.

We teach Noongar as a language.

Our class sizes for the Primary students will never exceed 20 and we will always consider the cohort and the needs of the students. Class sizes will be determined by this consideration.

We don’t punish or degrade any child. Our behaviour management is based on the needs of the students in the moment.

We have a ‘Quiet room’ where the students can go if they need to have a break!

We encourage the students to make the right choices, taking responsibility for their own actions and to them to understand that there is a right and wrong.

We want our students to be resilient and take calculated risks.

Classes for Pre-Kindy are 10, Kindy 12 and Pre-Primary 15 as a maximum.

There is no homework. If we don’t cover it during the day it can be picked up at another time.

Excursions are an important part of our program. We plan at least one major excursion every term, however there are usually more including incursions too!

Our location of Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale has a lot of places to visit. We recently walked around the corner to visit a Dingo Rescue Centre.
Annually, we plant trees with a local Landcare group for National Tree Day.

We are National Child Safe Organisation.

We are a Sun Smart School.

Do you need to be vaccinated?

Yes. We follow the Health Department of WA – ‘No jab – No play” mandate which requires all children attending to be vaccinated.

How many teachers are there?

Trish – Art Teacher and Curriculum Co-ordinator

Sophia– Primary class teacher

Mel-Primary class teacher

Jen-Early Childhood teacher

Lucy-Early Childhood teacher

Belinda-Education Assistant

Sammy – Education Assistant

The Principal Mary is also a Music Teacher.

How much does it cost?

See here for our current fee schedule

Do you have a selection policy?

We are a fully inclusive school and welcome any students to come to our school. Our aim is to have a balanced cohort in all classes to be able to meet the needs of all children.

How do you get in?

To gain enrolment in Eton Farm Education; we have a three (3) step procedure:

  • Application for Enrolment with non-refundable $50 Application Fee
  • Interview & School Tour
  • Contract of Enrolment with non-refundable $200 Enrolment Fee

When determining priority of enrolment, consideration is given to:

  • Date of ‘Application for Enrolment’
  • Spaces available in the school
  • Spaces available in specific class
  • Students with siblings already enrolled at Eton Farm Education
  • Students whose families believe in the aims and philosophy of Eton Farm Education, and who are likely to become
  • actively involved in the school community
  • Students likely to remain at the school for a significant time

Our maximum enrolment will not exceed Occupancy conditions.
Once enrolled, students and their families are expected to support the school’s ethos, commit to and make payments of fees on time and comply with the school rules, regulations and policies.

The school collects and maintains records relating to all students’ family, medical, Immunisation History Statement (under the Non-Government Schools Regulations we have a No Jab No Play policy for all students – only proven medical exemptions will be accepted) and school history to enable the school to meet its legal obligations and to discharge duty of care. Parents are responsible for ensuring that all pertinent information is kept up to date by promptly informing the school of any change in circumstances.