Our Teaching Philosophy

We are dedicated to the belief that students, parents and educators are all involved in the children’s education in a responsible, nurturing and supportive way.

We believe that all children:

  • Learn at different paces, possess unique learning styles, and can develop lifelong learning skills.
  • Are entitled to a safe, secure, and healthy environment.
  • Should be treated fairly and equitably

Our staff will strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and to instil in all children a sense of self-worth and consider their social, emotional and physical needs.

We will stress acceptance, tolerance and support of all students.  We will instil a strong sense of responsibility and teach healthy life skills so that our children grow into confident, co-operative and productive members of society.

Our Mission

To offer parents an approach to education for children from 2 years old to 11 years old.

Our aim is to provide:

  • Small class sizes 1:10/15  Teacher / Student ratio
  • A spacious school grounds
  • Children learning at their own pace to become an independent learner
  • Inclusivity
  • Class Teachers with passion and creative teaching styles
  • Specialist Teachers highly proficient in their subject area
  • Passionate Teachers = Passionate students with a love of learning

Educational Philosophy & Programme

Our Philosophy supports multi-aged learning. Children learn at different paces so learn with their peers. Younger children can model older children and the older children in turn take on a sense of responsibility.

We follow the Western Australian Curriculum K-12, as outlined in the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). More information can be located at https://parent.scsa.wa.edu.au/

The Curriculum is an important part of the children’s education, recognizing that the child is at the centre and respecting the educational needs and diversity of all students fostering lifelong learning skills. As this is the same Curriculum that is taught in Western Australian High schools which makes the transition from our school to high school smooth.

Diverse styles and needs will be met through co-operative learning and active hands-on techniques that are integrated into all core subject areas.

Music Education is an important part of our school’s program along with Art, Language and Nature Play.  The Music Education approach is based on Carl Orff’s (Composer & Musician) approach – Orff Schulwerk. The approach is a creative process where creative movement, speech, singing, playing instruments are an integral part.  The Orff approach directly links with oral language providing a massive benefit in early childhood and focussing on language will give them a strong foundation in the English language. Being creative in music is also important with self-expression in Art.  Nature Play is available through structured and unstructured play will allow use of the space on the farm. Caring for animals, big and small, is part of the children’s day.