5 Year Olds


The Pre-Primary students are now at the beginning of their compulsory education, so our hands-on, experiential approach will give them a myriad of ways to learn core subjects. Along with Music, Art and Nature we offer an opportunity for children to develop lifelong learning skills.

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What to expect at Pre-Primary

How many days does my child attend?

Five full time days.

When is it?

Monday to Thursday 8:45am – 3:30pm

Friday 8:45am – 2:30pm

When does my child start?

Pre-Primary is the first year of compulsory education.

Children who are 5 or are turning 5 before the 30th of June that year begin their primary school education.

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A day in the life of a Pre-Primary kid.

The school day starts with time for the children to settle, socialise with friends and chat with the teachers making the transition from home and to school.

The students then come together to sing, dance or play instruments.

Then the students start their formal learning with the class teacher practicing their fine motor skills using tracing, printing, painting or by manipulating play dough. They learn to name and sound out letters, begin to read, listen to and retell stories, count and recognise numbers and patterns and look for shapes in the environment. Some days they are budding scientists or little geologists as they engage in lessons using the surrounding environment of the farm. Running, jumping and playing are an important part of our Pre-Primary’s day and to further support this the students engage in Health and Physical Education sessions each week.

Music with Mary is a time to become creative musicians. The goal is to experience and make music together. Using speech rhymes, songs, creative movement and instrument playing the children imitate, explore and improvise.

Art with Trish each week is usually an explosion of colour, discussions and plenty of mess as the students engage in a world of discovery and creativity looking at, learning about and making art using a variety of resources and techniques.

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