The Principal’s Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to have a look through our website and find out more about our Philosophy, Mission, approach and vision.

My name is Mary McKay-Walton and I am very excited about our school and what we can offer all children.

I am the founder of the school along with enthusiastic Parents Roxie, Miles, and Teachers Trish, Education Assistant Sammy.

Why I started the school?

I was very keen to start a school here in Serpentine as this is where I grew up, here on Eton Farm as did my Father, Grandmother and Grandfather. I inherited the farm in 2017 and as a custodian for the land I want to share the beauty of the land that I was fortunate enough to grow up on.

I attended the local primary school, as did my Father, and then attended the only local high school in the District in the 1970’s. I moved to Perth, worked and travelled the world then, married in the 1980’s and returned to Eton Farm. My children were born here.

The choice for schooling for them hadn’t changed, there were still no other options available. I wanted my children to have a more diverse and creative approach to Education, so we moved to Perth in search of a better quality of education. I found there were many options which is what I had hoped for.

I returned to the farm in 2016 after many years of further education, work and travel. Now my grandchildren were growing up on the Farm. They now needed to be educated and what was available you ask ? Not a lot had changed since the 1970’s. No diverse and alternative approach schools close to the farm, basically the same as was available for me.

My son Miles also wanted more for his children and he knew that I was keen to start a school so invited some local parents who had expressed interest to hear my dreams of starting a school – so Eton Farm Education was born !!

We started a non-profit organisation and in 2018 we started with Music and Art classes for 2,3 and 4 year old’s which continued through 2019.

During this time, we started the long, arduous task of applying to become a Registered School. This process required us to research feasibility, possibility and the practicalities needed for such a venture and write many policies and procedures!There were many days of confusion then clarity then confusion but luckily not too much frustration.

The school grew organically, no rush, just emerging from our ideas and passions to become a reality in December 2019 all set to start in February, 2020. As we know 2020 was an unpredictable year and probably not a good year to start a school, but we have weathered it successfully and our future is looking bright.

Mary McKay Walton

ADPA – Music Performance WAAPA
Advanced Studies in Music and Movement Education, Salzburg, Austria.
Orff Schulwerk Level Training: Sydney, Melbourne, St, Paul. Minnesota.
Registered Teacher with TRWBA.