Under 3s

Under 3s

The Under 3’s sessions are the next step in your child’s learning journey without Mum, Dad or a Carer by their side. We focus on the needs of the children and support them with great care and attention. These sessions are for children who will attend Pre-Kindy when they are 3, that is between mid Feburary to the end of June. 

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What to expect at Under 3s

How many days does my child attend?

One session per week.

When is it?


Thursday 9:15 am – 12:30pm

When does my child start?

Children can attend if they are turning 3 years old before June, 2023.

A day in the life of an Under 3

Our sessions begin in the garden playing. Structured activities are set up so the children can challenge themselves, build fine motor skills, spatial awareness to name a few or have free play in the nature playground, visiting the chickens and collecting the eggs, exploring the veggie garden or patting the horses.

In the Music room (Manitj) with Mary the focus is on ‘making music’ through singing, playing instruments, dancing or reciting speech rhyme.

In the Art room (Coolbardi) with Trish is a chance to explore creativity and self-expression through doing. We believe creativity has no limits and we recognise that children learn at their own pace, especially when they are creating.

The time between classes is free play time with children of all ages where they can develop new friendships, and have fun playing on the boat, running or climbing.

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