5+ Year Olds

Primary School Year 1-3

Our students in the primary years are in mixed age groups. We believe that children learn at different paces so the mixed aged group offers an opportunity for the students to be small groups based on their learning abilities.

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What to expect at Primary School

How many days does my child attend?

Five full days.

When is it?

Monday to Thursday 8:45am – 3:15pm

Friday 8:45am – 2:30pm

When does my child start?

Year 1 commences after a student has completed their Pre-Primary year of schooling.

Primary school students may apply to transfer their schooling from government, non-government and home school environments at any time during their primary years.

A day in the life of a Primary School kid.

The school day starts with a short time for the children to settle, socialise with friends and chat with the teachers making the transition from home and to school.

The students then come together to sing, dance or play instruments.

The core learning areas of English and Maths are important to be taught in the morning when the children are at their optimum learning phase so the children start their formal learning next. The teacher may use the natural environment to engage in authentic learning for a particular concept or engage the students in hands on activities and games that support the consolidation of a previously learnt knowledge. Under a shady tree they can practice their reading and comprehension or hunt around the school collecting items to divide into groups or fractions.

Science, HASS, Health and Physical Education are also core subjects in which the students formally engage in weekly and these sessions although aligned to the Western Australia Curriculum are often developed through student interest and by taking into account their existing knowledge & skills.

Our Primary students learn Noongar Language & Culture with Trish. As Indigenous languages are traditionally oral the students learn through oral interactions, art, singing and storytelling.

Music with Mary is a time to become creative musicians. The goal is to experience and make music together. Using speech rhymes, songs, creative movement and instrument playing the children imitate, explore and improvise.

Art with Trish each week is usually an explosion of colour, discussions and plenty of mess as the students engage in a world of discovery and creativity looking at, learning about and making art using a variety of resources and techniques. Each term the students work together on a joint art project and they also complete a reproduction of a famous painting that relates to our schools chosen theme.

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