Why Eton Farm?

Developing the confidence and skills to become life long learners.

At Eton Farm Education we understand that each child has diverse educational needs which we meet using a variety of teaching practises (pedagogies) in a co-operative and practical way. By integrating this approach across all areas of our curriculum we are able to help your child develop confidence and build the skills necessary to become lifelong learners.

An important part of our school’s program is Music Education, along with Art, Language and Outdoor Education.

Our Music Education program is based on the Carl Orff approach – Orff Schulwerk. This is a creative process where creative movement, speech, singing and playing instruments are an integral part. The Orff approach provides a strong foundation in English, as it focuses on oral language, developing and enhancing early literacy skills. Being creative through music also plays an important role in the appreciation of, and self-expression through Art.

Our Outdoor learning environment and activities include structured and unstructured play using our amazing spaces on the farm. We also help the children to develop a sense of care though thoughtful interactions with our farm  animals, big and small.Eton Farm Education follows the Western Australian Curriculum K-12, as outlined in the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). Visit the Parents’ SCSA website (https://parent.scsa.wa.edu.au) for more information on curriculum